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Vortex Type: Paranormal

Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Stull Cemetary

Image by Ayleen Gaspar via Flickr

The Stull Cemetery has gained a dubious reputation due to urban legends involving Satan, the occult, and a purported “gateway to Hell”. The rumors about the cemetery were popularized by a November 1974 issue of the University Daily Kansan (the student newspaper of the University of Kansas), which claimed that the Devil himself appeared in Stull twice a year: once on Halloween, and once on the spring equinox.

After the University Daily Kansan article was published, students from KU journeyed to the cemetery to catch a glimpse of the paranormal. Over the years, people began vandalizing the cemetery. Since then, local police have discouraged curiosity seekers from entering the cemetery, especially on Halloween, and some people have been arrested for trespassing. When the cemetery is closed, trespassing could bring a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail.

Despite its dubious origins, the legend of Stull Cemetery has entered into popular culture. The band Urge Overkill released the Stull EP in 1992, which features the church and a tombstone from the cemetery on the cover. Films whose plot is based on the legends include Sin-Jin Smyth, Nothing Left to Fear, and Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal. The fictional cemetery is the site of the final confrontation of the Apocalypse in the “Swan Song” episode of season five of the television series Supernatural. – Wikipedia

This vortex was suggested by Aaron on 6.22.17 – Stull, Kansas – Stull Cemetery an alleged doorway to hell.



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Posted: June 27, 2017


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