Lake Harriet Minnesota Vortex

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Vortex Type: Energy, Spiritual

Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Lake Harriet Vortex

Lake Harriet is a lake in the southwest part of Minneapolis, just south of Lake Calhoun and north of Minnehaha Creek.

On the walking path near where Queen Avenue meets the perimeter drive around the lake, there is an “elf house” carved into the base of an ash tree. For several years, one could leave a letter for the elf supposedly living there and find a letter in reply sometime in the next few days. During the winter, the elf door is shut, and a plank appears stating he has “moved to his castle in the east.” It reopens in the spring.

Parkland near the lake includes a picnic ground just north of the bandshell, Lyndale Park, and a Thomas Sadler Roberts bird sanctuary on the northeast side of the lake. Located adjacent to the bird sanctuary is the tranquil Peace Garden, and across the street is a large garden featuring many varieties of roses.

It was discovered on Google Earth that the silhouette of a twin-engine aircraft can be seen in the water. Most have dismissed this as the shadow of a plane flying over, but an investigation was opened into the matter. Further information has determined that there is no sunken plane but rather it is a photographic anomaly of a plane passing over that, due to the exposure, makes it appear to be under the water. – Wikipedia


The Lake Harriet Vortex

Mystery Plane Spotted In Google Earth Image Of Lake Harriet

  • Lake Harriet Vortex

Posted: August 10, 2017


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