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Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Jacumba Hot Springs Vortex

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Jacumba Hot Springs, pronounced hə-KOOM-bə, is in the Mountain Empire area of southeastern San Diego County, California. Its elevation is 2,829 feet (862 m) above mean sea level (AMSL). In 2013, the town’s name was changed from Jacumba to Jacumba Hot Springs. Jacumba Hot Springs is located on the Mexican border. A small settlement exists on the Mexican side, known as Jacume; the unmanned crossing was closed in 1995. The new, enlarged border fence now runs through the area. The United States Border Patrol maintains an increased presence in the area to curtail smuggling and illegal immigration.

The Kumeyaay peoples occupied the Jacumba area prior to European settlement. They were probably attracted by the warm Jacumba hot spring (temperature 104 °F), one of many mineral hot springs which occur up and down the Peninsular Ranges of California. Ranchers occupied the area in the 19th century and were often in conflict with the Indians. About 15 Kumeyaay were slain by ranchers for cattle rustling in the Jacumba Massacre of Feb 27, 1880.

Around the turn of the 20th century, the health and relaxation benefits of natural hot springs began to be commercialized. The Jacumba hot spring is prolific and delivered enough water to fill large public baths, the remains of which can still be seen. The water contains sulfur but has a pleasant clean smell. In 1919 rail service connected Jacumba to San Diego. By 1925 the town had a world class hotel, the Hotel Jacumba. In the 1930s, Jacumba had developed into a top destination and had a population of about 1,150. Many of the foremost movie stars and celebrities of the time regarded Jacumba as a prime destination for relaxation. The Jacumba Hotel closed and was destroyed in an arson fire in 1983. The ruins stood until 1991. Today, the stub of the massive central fireplace can still be seen.

In the 1980s, the Jacumba Motel was the only hotel facility left in Jacumba. After a complete renovation, it was re-opened in 2013. It is now in operation as the Jacumba Hot Springs Spa and Motel. – Wikipedia

Suggested by Tracy – November 2017

While searching for a map of ley lines for Jacumba (or Jacumba Hot Springs) California, I came across your website. I feel we have several vortexes in this area. I am not a scientist, I do sense energies. Please come visit Jacumba Hot Springs and investigate some day. A very interesting place with proof of civilization 9,000 yrs old. Jacumba is 80 miles east of San Diego and
45 miles west of El Centro . One of those forgotten towns passed by the creation of Hwy 8 in the 1960’s.


Jacumba really is out here. Everything about it oozes mystery and intrigue.

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