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Vortex Type: Paranormal

Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Rialto Historical Society

The Rialto Historical Society’s headquarters and museum are located in a former church school building next door to the Old First Christian Church, now known as The Kristina Dana Hendrickson Cultural Center, in Southern California.

There is a history of hauntings at this location. Many paranormal groups have investigated there including Vortex Hunters.

Reported paranormal activity:
Lady in white on stairs.
Grumpy man in church bachelor’s room. Reports of paranormal activity near the leather chair.
Female in Bride’s dressing room.
Man in back corner of church congregation room (the big one).
Man in balcony of same church room.
Vortex in ‘telephone room’.
Vortex in kitchen man in kitchen pantry.
Man in back of hallway just off kitchen.
and famously – Kristina, daughter of former minister there haunts the building.


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