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Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Es Vedra Vortex

Image credit: Markus Heller

Es Vedrà is a small rocky island of the south western seaboard off the Spanish island of Ibiza. The island is uninhabited.

The island is said to be home to sirens and sea-nymphs, who tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in Homer’s Odyssey. It is also thought of as the holy island of the Tanit the Phoenician lunar goddess, worshiped as the patron goddess and of fertility, who became Ibiza’s patroness. Legend has it that specific sacrifices were made to Tanit during full moons on the shore of the island.

Es Vedrà is also the setting for one of Ibiza’s popular fables (Rondalles). The Giant of Es Vedrà is the tale about two brothers who, to cure their father of an incurable illness, had to go to Es Vedrà island to gather rock sapphire and face the huge giant who lived on the island, huddled in one of the island’s many caves. The two brothers’ ingenuity, along with the help of sea urchins, managed to debilitate the giant, and thus collect the sapphire for the cure.

The Carmelite friar Francis Palau y Quer arrived on Ibiza following his exile from Barcelona in 1855. Needing solitude, he used to retire to Es Vedrà by rowing a boat, to pray there and seek God’s will. Legend says that he spent a week meditating surviving on nothing but rainwater he collected from drips from the roof of a cave he used for shelter. Within hours, he began to witness a series of powerful visions. He later described them in a book, called My Relations With the church:

“The day passed and the night came. the sea was at peace, the air very soft, the sky somewhat overcast by dense black clouds. . . the moonlight was very dim. And i saw in front of me, coming from afar, a shadow whose distance countenance I could not perceive; and it was coming closer to me. As it drew nearer I could make out what it was. The figure came alone, and was as white as the moonlight itself; and the figure represented a girl of 16 years, all white, all lovely, all amiable, At the moment she arrived the heavens opened and in the radiant sunlight I saw who it was that had before me . . . I was aggrieved that I couldn’t see her with clarity I wished: a veil covered her face, but was transparent. . . she was silent and so was I, but a dumb voice was speaking and possessed words.”

Many people have claimed to have seen UFOs around the island and some believe that there is a secret UFO base under the sea here, and that Es Vedrà is their gateway or navigation beacon. One such sighting is famously known as Caso Manises. On November 11, 1979 a commercial flight between Mallorca and Tenerife was redirected to make an emergency landing in Valencia. The pilot reported a strange rapid moving light accosting his aircraft close to the island of Es Vedrà. He sent out an SOS signal and as the air traffic controller was unable to identify the object he was urged to change his flight path. – Wikipedia


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The Island of Es Vedrà off the Spanish island of Ibiza – Wikimedia Commons

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