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Vortex Type: Energy

Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Crater Lake is claimed to be a major intersection of
Earth’s global grid. Special healing clay is said to found
there. Several powerful vortexes are claimed to exist
around Crater Lake.

The Klamath tribe of Native Americans, who may have
witnessed the collapse of Mount Mazama and the formation
of Crater Lake, have long regarded the lake as a sacred
site. Their legends tell of a battle between the sky god
Skell and Llao, the god of the underworld. Mount Mazama
was destroyed in the battle, creating Crater Lake. The
Klamath people used Crater Lake in vision quests, which
often involved climbing the caldera walls and other
dangerous tasks. Those who were successful in such quests
were often regarded as having more spiritual powers. The
tribe still holds Crater Lake in high regard as a
spiritual site.

Crater Lake is a caldera lake located in the U.S. state of
Oregon. It is the main feature of Crater Lake National
Park and famous for its deep blue color and water clarity.
The lake partly fills a nearly 4,000 foot (1,220 m) deep
caldera that was formed around 5,677 BC by the collapse of
the volcano Mount Mazama.

On June 12, 1853, John Wesley Hillman was reportedly the
first European American to see what he named "Deep Blue
Lake" in Oregon. The lake was renamed at least three
times, as Blue Lake, Lake Majesty, and finally Crater

Crater Lake is known for the "Old Man of the Lake," a
full-sized tree that has been bobbing vertically in the
lake for more than a century. Due to the cold water of the
lake, the tree has been rather well preserved.

Source: Wikipedia

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