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Vortex Type: Energy

Note: The marker on the Google map is NOT the exact location of the vortex.

Chaco Canyon

The petrograph in Chaco Canyon, which depicts the Moon with Supernova 1054. Photo by Alex Marentes via Wikimedia

Chaco Canyon Vortex

Chaco Culture National Historical Park is located in northwestern New Mexico in a remote canyon cut by the Chaco Wash. It has a large collection of pre-Columbian ancient ruins. Chaco Canyon lies within the San Juan Basin, atop the vast Colorado Plateau, surrounded by the Chuska Mountains to the west, the San Juan Mountains to the north, and the San Pedro Mountains to the east.

Between AD 900 and 1150, Chaco Canyon was a major center of culture for the Ancient Pueblo Peoples. Chacoans quarried sandstone blocks and hauled timber from great distances, assembling fifteen major complexes that remained the largest buildings in North America until the 19th century. Evidence of archaeoastronomy at Chaco has been proposed, with the “Sun Dagger” petroglyph at Fajada Butte a popular example. Many Chacoan buildings may have been aligned to capture the solar and lunar cycles, requiring generations of astronomical observations and centuries of skillfully coordinated construction. – wikipedia

Post on 8.02.16 by Anonymous

I never believed in vortex’s before but exploring one of the underground rooms in chaco canyon I backed into a corner and felt electricity through my body. My girlfriend felt the same thing.

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