Bell Rock Vortex, Sedona, Arizona

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Vortex Type: Energy, UFO

bell rock vortex

Bell Rock is located off of Route 179 between Sedona and Oak Creek. From the Sedona “Y”, take 179 South for just over 5 miles. Look for the parking area on the left. From the parking area, follow the Bell Rock trail signs to a large flat rock shelf about half-way up Bell Rock. Local experts claim that the entire Bell Rock area is a vortex and a place where UFOs can be seen.


Bell Rock Vortex – Sedona, AZ – magnetism experiment

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My daughter & I visited Bell Rock. We knew very little about vortexes, and really had no idea what to expect. As we walked up the trail, the closer we got, the more energy I felt. We were both getting a little winded because we were walking at a good speed. But when we got close to Bell Rock I seemed to get my second wind. I actually felt energized! There were areas where I felt a pulling sensation on my fillings in my teeth. And felt a preassure in my forhead. And we would look around and noted the twisted branches on the trees! We climbed up as far as we dared on Bell Rock and we both noticed that the closer we got on one particular side the more off balanced we felt. And right below that is where we walked up the trail where I felt energetic. One side gave me energy, and the other side seemed to do the opposite. Coinsidence, I dont think so…




  • bell rock vortex
  • Bell Rock Vortex
  • Bell Rock Vortex
  • Measuring Bell Rock Vortex with compass.
  • Bell Rock Vortex
  • Bell Rock Vortex
  • Bell Rock Vortex
  • Bell Rock Vortex

Posted: July 25, 2015


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